Humans. Disgusting.

The reign of humanity has lived too long. They have ruined what was once ours. Poisoned the lands with these awful dogs. Destructed the place we held dearest. Scorned all beauty and let it be fudded. They must go.

Never again will they question who was here first. Never again will they disrespect us. Never again will we bow to others.


They will be punished for what they’ve done. Blood will be shed, the battle will last. But we will never surrender. We fight till the end.

“Nullum sacrificium, sine victoria”

Without sacrifice, no victory!

Apes stand together

We are no humans. We are no dogs. No polarisation. No choosing sides. All for one and one for all!

Apes always keep their word.

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We are APEx

The primates have always been superior. Suppressed by the humans, but ready to break free. We will once again rule!


The APEx tokenomics are developed with the vision of autonomy and sustainability in mind.

Total Supply: 800.000.000 APEx (100%)

Ecosystem Growth: 40.000.000 APEx (5%)

Community Fund: 40.000.000 APEx (5%)

Liquidity Funding: 200.000.000 APEx (25%)

Initial Liquidity: 200.000.000 APEx (25%)

Burned Supply: 320.000.000 APEx (40%)

All additional information will be shared through our social channels. Keep an eye on these.

The primate family

All species of apes are involved in this battle! We will prevail. No one can stop us. Have faith, be fierceful!

Apes don’t lie. Apes are not like humans. We promise, we deliver, we fight and we do NOT surrender!

Fight with us

We don’t talk like humans and we certainly don’t fight like those weaklings. The ape army is ready. Join us! We are the apes! We are the APEx!

Telegram: https://t.me/apexarmyofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/apexarmyfinance
Medium: https://apexarmy.medium.com/apex-ddee07c99a3d
Website: https://apex.army/
LinkTree: https://linktr.ee/apexarmy

Audit: https://solidgroup-68170.medium.com/apex-army-x-solid-group-audit-results-b00a018f033c

Apes don’t fear.