Apes stand together

We are no humans. We are no dogs. No polarisation. No choosing sides. All for one and one for all!

  • Humans destroy. They never give back. Apes are different, we care.
    — 5% of all APEx transactions are used for automatic added LP —
  • We will grow our army. The captured ones will be freed. Once & for all.
    — 2% of all APEx transactions are donated to save the monkeys —

We are APEx

The primates have always been superior. Suppressed by the humans, but ready to break free. We will once again rule!

The primate family

All species of apes are involved in this battle! We will prevail. No one can stop us. Have faith, be fierceful!

  • The web infrastructure is built by experienced developers
  • Donations will be made publicly, visible to all
  • APEx is backed by top-level crypto influencers, advisors and supporters
  • All liquidity will be fully locked and LP’s will be burned
  • The devs are internally KYCed and will be exposed if necessary
  • APEx is built by the Rocket Team

Fight with us

We don’t talk like humans and we certainly don’t fight like those weaklings. The ape army is ready. Join us! We are the apes! We are the APEx!



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